California’s market accelerating, light-duty electric vehicle infrastructure incentive project.

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Communities in Charge is California’s market-accelerating, light-duty electric vehicle (EV) charging incentive project funded by the California Energy Commission’s Clean Transportation Program, implemented by CALSTART, and supported in partnership with GRID Alternatives and Tetra Tech. Communities in Charge is designed to transform EV accessibility, rapidly catalyze new markets, and swiftly deploy Level 2 EV charging stations.

Communities in Charge is built to scale as funding is made available and aims to help set participants up for success before, during, and after chargers are installed and commissioned. Communities in Charge integrates transparent requirements and funding timelines to help participants plan for a schedule that works for them. Predictable funding availability, technical assistance, and clear communication from the Project Team will allow participants to successfully plan and participate in the project.


Communities in Charge is open to a wide variety of project sites and focuses on accelerating the deployment of Level 2 EV charging stations. Participation is encouraged whether you are a school facilities manager, health center administrator, local business, or other community member seeking incentives for your EV charging site. Communities in Charge will first incentivize projects with a high degree of readiness, or “Ready to Go” projects, while also prioritizing Disadvantaged and Low-Income Communities.

Regardless of your familiarity with EV charging or how far along your project may be, Communities in Charge is here to help. Communities in Charge aims to establish a pipeline of Level 2 EV charging projects, support those in need of technical assistance, and guide participants towards making EV charging accessible to their communities.


Communities in Charge will first focus on applicants who are “Ready to Go,” but everyone is eligible to participate.

Looking for More L2 Funding?

For applicants seeking alternative funding sources for their Level 2 EV charging project, consider exploring the CALeVIP incentive project implemented by the Center for Sustainable Energy.

Looking for DCFC?

For details on incentives toward DC Fast Charging, click here to visit the CALeVIP 2.0 Golden State Priority Project implemented by the Center for Sustainable Energy. If you’re looking for incentives towards Level 2 EV charging in your community, you’re in the right place.


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Watch for updates

Prospective applicants should first join the mailing list. Doing so will give you access to clear, regular, communications from the Project Team regarding funding availability, eligibility, and more.

Once Communities in Charge launches, applicants will be able to submit their application documents through an online Incentive Processing Center during a clearly communicated application window. The Communities in Charge Project Team will notify applicants of their project’s award status shortly after an application window closes and all submissions have been reviewed. As a project progresses through installation and completion, awardees then submit any remaining installation documents online to request their incentive payment.

Communities in Charge aims to be a partner to prospective applicants throughout their experience with the Project. The Project Team will work to provide technical assistance to participants before and during their application submittal. Technical assistance will be built over time to help accommodate what participants need and will aim to guide participants through the entire process.

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