Applicant Journey

Complete the Communities in Charge application process with these 5 easy ss, summarized below.



Participants must first register through the Incentive Processing Center.
  • Register through the Incentive Processing Center (IPC).
  • Familiarize yourself with the application documents.
  • Gather any additional materials, forms, or signatures you may need.


Applicants have 45 calendar days to submit their application and supporting documents.
  • Submit your application and all other required documentation prior to the application window closing. Applicants have 45 calendar days to do so.
  • Ensure all required fields are completed and any necessary signatures have been secured prior to the application window closing.
  • Applicants must submit all required documentation through the IPC.

Notice of Award

Applicants whose project is selected are notified of their award status.
  • Awardees from Readiness Tier 1 (the highest level of project readiness) are provided a Notice of Final Award. Awardees from Readiness Tiers 2 or 3 are provided a Notice of Conditional Award. To receive their Notice of Final award and be eligible for incentives, additional documentation must be provided within 90 calendar days.

Midpoint Payment

Applicants provide documentation to request a midpoint payment.
  • Awardees having received a Notice of Final Award may request a Midpoint Payment through the IPC for costs incurred prior to finishing installation at their site.
  • All midpoint payment requests must include a signed copy of the Job Site Installation Form and a valid copy of their invoice(s) including an itemization of eligible costs, credits, discounts, and incentives (if applicable).

Final Payment

Applicants provide proof of project completion and request final payment.
  • Awardees having received a Notice of Final Award must request their Final Payment through the IPC no later than 270 Calendar Days from their Notice of Final Award.
  • Awardee requests for Final Payment must include a copy of signed final inspection form, copy of paid and executed network agreement, and photographs of the installed equipment including serial numbers.

For detailed application requirements, please consult the Implementation Manual.